Your First Appointment.

What to bring.

In almost all cases, in order to book an appointment with Dr Charles Su, you will need a referral from another medical practitioner; usually either your GP, or optometrist. 

For your visit, please bring your Medicare, Pension and Private Health Fund cards, as well a valid referral letter if you have one (necessary if you wish to claim a Medicare rebate). Please also bring a list of medications you take or are allergic to. Sometimes the tests involved with your consultation can cause patients to experience a period of blurry vision. It can be helpful to bring a pair of sunglasses, and have someone to drive you home safely.


The fee for the first consultation with Dr Su is $175.00, with a rebate of $75.05 claimable from Medicare afterwards. Depending on your condition, additional procedures will incur extra fees. For example, if your problem is that of wateriness of the eye, the additional cost of the consultation is likely to be about $220, with about $135 claimable from Medicare with a valid referral. If your problem relates to a lump or lesion of the eyelids which needs removal or biopsy, the cost of the consultation may include an extra charge of about $200, with about $70 Medicare rebate.

What to expect.

If it's your first time seeing Dr Su, you'll have an opportunity to fill out our Patient Registration Form, if you haven't already completed it online. (You can do that here.)

At your consultation, you will see the orthoptist first, before seeing Dr Su. The orthoptist is a health care professional who will conduct a series of investigations to aid Dr Su in making the correct diagnosis, and in determining the most appropriate therapeutic or surgical approach. Tests can include but are not limited to a vision check, subjective refraction, eye pressure, colour vision, eye movements, or visual fields. (Some of these tests can sometimes cause blurry vision for an hour or two, so it's helpful to bring sunglasses, and someone to drive you home.)


The orthoptist strives to make patients feel at ease in reporting their visual problems, and discuss briefly with them potential surgical or therapeutic expectations after considering all of their issues and current daily function. Information collected from patients is then relayed to Dr Su. 

Your first appointment with Dr Su is likely to be a preliminary conversation, discussing possible treatment options for your problem. On the occasion that Dr Su decides to treat immediately, there may be an extra charge for whatever treatment he provides.